What to Expect

A brief client information form must be filled out prior to receiving your first session. This will help determine current health issues, contraindications, “trouble spots” and desired goals for the session. You can print the form here and bring it with you, or you can arrive a few minutes before your session to fill it out.

If this is your first experience with bodywork,
here are some things to know ahead of time:

-Comfort Level: Comfort is a key component in receiving the most benefit from your session. Most of my sessions are performed with sheets for draping and you may undress completely, or leave on undergarments.  Loose fitting clothing (shorts, sport bras, sweats, tank tops) may be worn instead of sheet draping, depending on the type of bodywork and/or individual client preference.

-Light, medium, firm, or deep pressure? I will do my best to intuitively determine the amount of pressure your body is comfortable with receiving. Our bodies are constantly changing, and different parts of the body require different degrees of pressure, depending on the area and its restrictions. Communication during the session will dictate the amount of pressure that is needed.

-Breathe! Breathing is one of the best things you can do for your body. Obviously, it is how we stay alive, but, specifically, deep breathing helps your body relax by increasing oxygen levels to the muscles, tissues, and cells of our body. Restrictions within a body release easier with intentional breathing.

-Take your time getting up! When the session ends, please take your time getting off the table. Allow your body a chance to adjust to the work it just received.

-Drink plenty of water after your massage.  Bodywork helps release toxins that build up in your body over time. Water helps eliminate them and prevent any soreness from deeper or more focused work.

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