The Significance of Maintenance– January’s Opportunity for Wellness

January holds meanings of fresh starts and new beginnings. Many of you have heard me talk about the importance of consistency in all areas of life. Whether it is healthy eating, exercising or overall health care, consistency is key. In regards to bodywork and therapeutic massage, the same concept applies. I am frequently asked: How often should I come in for massage? That answer varies for each individual, however one rule always applies–maintenance. If there are acute or chronic issues that need to be addressed, the sessions will be more frequent and closer together. As issues resolve and healing takes place, the body will be able to sustain the work for longer periods of time so sessions can then be spaced out. With all of life’s ongoing demands and stresses, bodywork is essential for maintaining a structure that functions optimally. So. . .

January’s Wellness Special:

1st session $70, 2nd session $60, any session after that $50
(May not be combined with any other offers)

I invite you to try successive sessions in this month to see how your body feels and responds to the therapeutic work that it receives. I receive bodywork on a regular basis and am convinced it allows me to keep continuing on as a massage therapist without occupational injuries. Just like one workout isn’t going to get you to your goal weight, and one healthy meal doesn’t reduce your cholesterol numbers, massage follows that same guideline. True benefits come with consistent work. Try it, and let me know if you agree. : )


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