Flowing with change

I have heard it said many times that the only ‘constant’ in life is change. I believe that statement to be true, and yet when change looks into my eyes and stares me down, it can be a frightening thing. Fear presents itself easily in the unknown.

When people come to me for bodywork and they have been dealing with a specific issue/pain, there can be a fear of change, even if the outcome is positive. Letting go of what is familiar, can be a terrifying thing, even when the outcome is positive. There needs to be a level of trust and faith, which is asking a lot, and not a matter to be taken lightly.

My heart believes that what we all want to hear in turbulent times is: You are ok, and everything is going to be all right. If we believe everything will be all right, then we know the journey can assure a rewarding outcome. That ultimately requires a mentality of faith and hope. Before I begin every session, I listen openly to each client and honor their story. My goal is always to assist each client in getting where they desire to be–physically, structurally, emotionally. I understand each one puts trust in me for that journey, and I accept that with a truly grateful heart. We are all affected by one another and constantly changing from each interaction. I am honored to experience the flow of change with each client in their process. It is just as healing for me and I am forever blessed.


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