A New Beginning, Once Again


January always marks the start of something new– a new year, new beginnings, new resolutions, new affirmations, a new plan for eating/exercise. . . A chance for life to be renewed. It is exciting time of hope for all things positive to flourish. Trust your journey!

As this time approaches, I always reflect on my previous year of business, and contemplate my goals for another wonderful year of being able to practice bodywork. I truly see my job/profession/career as a tremendous blessing that has been given to me. I am grateful everyday that I have the amazing opportunity to work with amazing people. So, as always. . . Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to fulfill my purpose and life’s work.

The December special will continue thru January!!
4 one hour sessions for $240
(Save $40)
Highlighting Peppermint oil this month!! Ask for all things peppermint this month– peppermint foot scrubs and aromatherapy to help mental fatigue, depression, congestion, cough, sinuses and digestive issues.

Blessings : )

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