Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Give the gift of therapeutic bodywork to honor someone special in your life. Gift certificates available

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Honor Your Heart

The heart symbolizes many aspects of not only love, but also loss. Sometimes it feels broken; sometimes it feels strong when blood is pumping through it to bring blood and oxygen to other parts of the body. Check in with your heart– feel where you are at. That is where healing begins. Take time to honor the organ that is responsible for nourishing all the cells, muscles and tissue within your body, which is afterall, a masterpiece.

Honor your heart– February specials in effect!!!  Receive heart coupons for extra time the whole month of February! ❤️

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Happy 2017! Welcome this New Year!

I love to welcome January with open arms. It is symbolic of frest starts, new beginnings, reflections of experiences of the year that has passed and a chance to view the world with new perspective. You all may have seen on my website and business cards “Whole Hearted Healing”, which initially emerged in 2013. In 2017, it will be brought to life, encompassing my belief system that the body is more than just a sum of its physical components. That we embody spiritual, emotional, physical and chemical elements that are influenced and affected by the environment in which we exist. Clients initially come to me for specific physical issues, injuries and traumas, and in doing so, it has amazed me the healing and awareness that surfaces to provide healing on other levels. By addressing the physical component of the body through massage and bodywork, the other components can be indirectly affected as well, promoting a chain reaction of healing to the entire body–the concept of whole hearted healing ❤️

Thank you to everyone who came in during December– winners of the December Giveaways are posted on my FB page.

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How is it July already?! Apparently I haven’t reached out on my website since the new year came around. Time really does fly!!  So much has been happening and I am happy to announce that July is Client Appreciation Month. July 1st marked my third year anniversary at Alpha Wellness Center, and I am currently practicing my 14th year of massage. So. . . As a thank you to everyone who has supported me over all these years, I have lots of ‘thank you’ gifts and opportunities to win free sessions every time you come in for a session in the month of July.  HAPPY CLIENT APPRECIATION MONTH!! : )


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A new year. Time to begin again, a fresh start. A blank slate. I say it every year, and 2015 is the same– thank you all for allowing me to witness your miraculous transformations throughout the year. I have seen not one, but two, clients eradicate cancer! Bone density growth! Muscular pain dissipate! Relief from chronic ailments! I am so fortunate to be along on your journies of healing! Thank you, and may peace, joy, and great health infiltrate your lives in this year to come! Let’s do this!


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Spotwork Sessions

Now introducing:


Effective, targeted work to address specific trouble spots when time is an issue. Only have 15, 20, 30 minutes? No problem. . . your body will still reap the benefit of therapeutic massage/bodywork. 

To schedule, text or call 817-793-7433

In peace : )

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July 1st marks my two year anniversary at Alpha Wellness Center! I have been blessed beyond belief to be given the opportunity to do bodywork in such an amazing and supportive environment. I will be offering several specials throughout this month to celebrate my two year anniversary, which I will be posting here and also on Facebook.

Also, I have officially entered into the world of essential oils and continue to learn everyday about their amazing healing properties. I have been incorporating them, for some time, in almost every bodywork session, and have recently decided to join the doTERRA team.This is brand new territory for me and I am excited to see the benefits of these oils. My website for that is:


Thanks for reading, and Happy July! Stay tuned. . . : )

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Father’s Day!


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, uncles, grandpas, big brothers, nephews, cousins, fathers-to-be and anyone who has guided someone like a father would. Mentors, influences and pivotal people come in many forms. This an acknowledgement to all of those who have made a positive, life changing difference.

Until the end of June:

$25 off regular priced gift certificate


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